Picture by Simon Carr

Picture by Simon Carr

Andrée Weschler draws inspiration from her life and conveys her experiences through art, as stories. The use of her body as a medium has not always been her form of expression but is the result of an evolution of the private journal that she kept as a young girl when her thoughts could no longer be contained within the superficiality of its pages. She explains:

If I had to sum up my art in just one word, it would be “diary”. My diary reflects what I’ve been reading; it’s where I speak of the important events of my life, the traumas, the joys, the obsessions, the childhood memories; it’s where I keep the smells, the tastes, the sounds and the images that I have in my head and which I collect, and which, sooner or later, appear in my work, whether it’s something I’ve read, a title of a book that has inspired me, a story that my father had told me… The diary is where I recount my dreams, my reality.

I use my body conceptually through performance art and video art. In all my work, the body is emphasized, displayed and exposed. The body of the artist carries her ideas; it becomes her tool as well as her voice.

Born in France, Andrée Weschler has been living and practicing her art in Asia for the past 20 years. She trained in visual arts in Singapore, Australia and France. At Les Beaux Arts de Paris, she worked in the atelier of Annette Messager. Since 2000, she has been invited to participate in international art events in Asia and Europe.

Her artistic practices encompass Performance Art, Video Art, Photography, Installation and Jewelry-making.