Fragments, 2008

 This antique furniture belonged to Jeanne Weschler, the aunt of my father. She inherited it from her own parents, dating back to 1900. When Jeanne Weschler passed away in 1993, nobody wanted this dresser: it was too big, too heavy, and too impractical. My father asked around and I said that I wanted it. He helped me to install it in my apartment; I was still living in Europe then.

When I moved to Singapore, the only furniture I shipped over here, was this one. Then when I moved around, changed houses, apartments, countries, I always carried this heavy, big and impractical furniture with me. Each time the purpose of the furniture changed according to the place I was staying in.

Last year, I moved into a HDB flat. During the move, a helper broke the precious mirror into “Fragments”.

Andrée Weschler