Can a first performance be truly relived? [2003-2015]

Can a first performance be truly relived? [2003-2015] 

In 2003, I finally accepted that I was living in Singapore and that my time in Japan was over. I decided then that it was about time to meet artists and to look for a space for an exhibition. Lee Wen invited me to participate to the first FOI. It was the first time I was invited to an art event, I was very happy to be invited but the last thing I wanted to do in my art practice and in my entire life was a live performance! However I thought that if I refused, I may never be invited anymore, so I said yes. For three weeks, I was completely petrified, worried, and tense.EndFragment

My performance was titled after Jean-Pierre Enard’s book 'To make little hoods blush'.

How the performance surprised me! It was an enthralling feeling as if I were a puppet conducted by a mysterious puppeteer.

Since then my relationship with performance has vacillated between love and hate.

For FOI 10, I will try to re-do my first performance art as if it were the first time. Can a first performance be truly relived? [2003-2015]