Eulogy by Andrée Weschler and Sabrina Koh, 2015

By common definition, Eulogy (noun) is a speech or a piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, especially a tribute to someone (who has just died). In this duo exhibition by Andrée Weschler and Sabrina Koh, the installation suggests an independent view from each artist, and alternatively, where both settings meet.

Flaneur presents the two artists will make tribute to the people and objects which they have lost along their domestic journey, and perhaps in their own meeting point, to relive those settings in context of the other’s. Andrée Weschler is interested in giving her eulogy to the lost domesticate(d) objects that carry the journey of home stories, while Sabrina Koh aims to reposition and p(raise) the relationships we build in a domestic setting; given or not.

"In this confessional piece of work, we thought about the 'silent' sent-offs of loved ones and objects, and have found that particularly inspiring and relevant to the roots in this metropolis home." - Andrée Weschler and Sabrina Koh