Anitya // Skandhas, 2015

A Collaboration with The Observatory & Elizabeth Lim & Andrée Weschler

ANITYA // SKANDHAS is the fourth in this ongoing interdisciplinary experiment, exploring the relationship between sound and other forms of performative expression. The Observatory and performance artists Andrée Weschler and Elizabeth Lim explore the Buddhist concept of the Five Skandhas -- form, sensation, perception, impulse, and consciousness. 

Sounds directly linked to physical movement and actions by the artists are filtered and manipulated by members of The Observatory. Connections and ruptures between sight and sound, cause and effect, are dramatically heightened, raising questions about the Skandhas, the true self and what makes us human.

As an art experiment, ANITYA // SKANDHAS feeds ancient concepts through contemporary practice to better understand the human condition.

Latent Spaces, Haw Par Villa Warehouse 

Pictures by The Idealist