Bijoux - Jewellery

Andrée Weschler's practice encompasses different media such as performance, video and installation. However she enjoys playing with clay after a long day. Though these pieces are worn as jewellery, they should be seen as sculptures as each piece is one of it's kind and signed by the artist.


Prayer for Unfaithful Women, 2005

There are many stories about unfaithful women. For instance in my hometown in France, during Middle Age, unfaithful women were put into cage and submerged into the river. If the woman was still alive after 10 minutes it meant that she was faithful.

The Prayer For Unfaithful Women is a Performance Art about women who consorted with German soldiers during World War II. They were humiliated and had their head shaved in public on the main square. This Art Performance is a visual denunciation of the rage under the guise of an angelic prayer. It is about French Memory, we carry with us from our History

Andree Weschler

One week performance

Art and War Fringe Festival 2005 Esplanade, Singapore

The Map of Love, 2011

La Carte de Tendre was a French map of an imaginary land called Tendre produced in the 17th Century, which depicts the "geography of love" according to the Precieuses  of that era: the River of Inclination flows past the villages of "Billet Doux" (Love Letter), "Petits Soins" (Little Trinkets), and intrepid travelers brave the dangers of "Le Lac d' Indiference" (Lake of Indifference). The villages, roads, and topographic features in this allegorical representation trace the myriad facets of love and its associated perils. 

Lynn Lu and Andrée Weschler revisited the map of love with its successes and pitfalls and propose a new reading of the Carte of Tendre with video installation and performances art.

Ref. Carte de Tendre, 17th Century print, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Drawn by Melle de Scudery

Engraved by François Chauveau